Reshape Your Life with Carey Guides Instructional Classes

Carey Guides Instructional Classes

“Having the Good Fight Community Center in the La Crosse Community has offered a place for some of the most troubled youth to “hang out” and be a “kid” while also learning how to move on from mistakes and the possibility of making some adult life choices. This is all done with the supportive staff of the Good Fight Community Center. The agency provides a family type atmosphere where all are welcome and there is no room for discrimination just because of past mistakes.”

– Amy R.

The Good Fight Community Center will be hosting instructional classes utilizing the Carey Guide Resources. Referrals will be accepted from community partners, including Juvenile Justice/Juvenile Detention Center, La Crosse County  Social Workers, the School District(s) and Parents/Guardians. We hope to become a part of the efforts to reduce recidivism in the youth of La Crosse. Being proactive and utilizing the tools in our everyday work at the center will help to prevent delinquent behaviors that could land teens in trouble.

Tentatively classes will be held twice a week. Starting Date: Fall 2019

About the Carey Guides

The Carey Guides, created by Carey Group Publishing, are designed to address the criminogenic needs of adult and juvenile offenders, help change behaviors, and reduce recidivism. According to Carey Group Publishing:

“Research demonstrates that traditional methods of supervision are ineffective in reducing recidivism among adult and juvenile offenders. For behavior change and recidivism reduction to be possible, offenders must understand the personal and environmental factors underlying their offending behavior and be taught the skills they need in order to make positive changes in the future. The Carey Guides are designed to equip corrections professionals with the information and tool they need to support these changes among their clients.”