The Elsworth Smith Boxing Gym

 D’Angelo C., IS a whole different kid.  He is confident, active, has so many friends, the smile and laughter he has now is impressive. He has become a leader in the gym, often teaching the new kids what he has learned. The change in my son amazes me; to see him finally come out of his shell and is ENJOYING his life.

– Wendy C.

The Elsworth Smith Boxing Gym will provide boxing training which instills courage, respect, discipline, physical activity, fitness, and mental sharpness to young men and women. These key skills will hopefully carry over into permanent life skills that will help them avoid pitfalls and successfully face the numerous challenges that young people face growing up and in life.

What the gym provides is less about punching and more about the lessons taught in learning to punch. Boxing is a healthy way to channel aggression as well as physically condition a teen’s mind, body, and spirit. The first time someone puts on a pair of gloves and hits a bag or mitts they are a gladiator. They stand a little taller and feel more sure of themselves. Add the rigors of training and the learning of technique, and it helps them feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. They walk confidently into an interview, and don’t see class work as hard in comparison to what it takes to become a fighter.

So begins the creation of a champion. Whether they ever compete in boxing or not, being successful is about a winning attitude. That’s what makes a champion. Nothing creates a winning attitude like training to fight.

Each of our boxing gym trainers are registered with USA Boxing.