Express Yourself at the Bob Witte Art & Music Center

The Bob Witte Art & Music Center, open Tuesdays and Thursdays, is an area that is designed to serve as a creative outlet where teens can express themselves. Teens are encouraged to participate in instructional art lessons/art projects, free drawing, or guitar lessons. The center aims to create opportunities for teens to learn new skills, aside from just boxing. During their time at the community center, students are encouraged to engage themselves in positive and fun activities. 

I like the art and music center because it allows me to be creative and lets me express myself.

– Taija S.

Bob Witte

Bob Witte

About Bob Witte

Bob Witte is a local, award-winning artist whose work has been shown at numerous juried exhibitions throughout the United States, and has been featured in “Splash 19,” a book published in May 2018. He specializes in figurative watercolor painting.

“When I saw the article in the La Crosse Tribune about the great work that The Good Fight Community Center was doing under the aegis of Nathaniel Coleman Jr., for the youth of our community, I knew that I had to get involved in some way. What initially started out as an opportunity to paint these young people doing any variety of boxing-related activities grew into just general paintings of the human-related goings on at the center. From there it was natural extension to offer painting lessons to members and pursue a calendar project. While all of this has offered me an opportunity to expand my painting repertoire, that pales in comparison to the privilege of meeting and interacting with all the teen members and adult staff who attend this exemplar of community service in La Crosse. I feel I have received much more in this exchange than I have given.”